Gadget Techs Digital Life

Photo/Credit: Richmond Times Dispatch

Gadget Techs Digital Life was featured in Richmond Times Dispatch for Black Friday holiday shopping at Regency Square Mall. Prak, co-owner of Gadget Techs Digital Life spoke about preparing for Black Friday, and how Gadget Techs Digital Life is evolving as a company and brand online.


At the Gadget Techs store, co-owner Wathana Prak said sales had been good and that online and brick-and-mortar sales were complementary. The business sells electronic gadgets such as drones and Balance Board scooters at its mall store and online through its website.

On Black Friday, the store had cut the price for scooters by $100 — to $399 or $499 depending on the model — as a deal for customers.

“Things are migrating online,” Prak said. “To be effective, you have to have a presence in both. You can capture both the online and the traditional bricks-and-mortar customers.”

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch