It’s important to understand what type of board your are buying. We receive a lot of questions and concerns from our visitors, most common question is,

“I’ve only have my board for a week, and now, it’s not working. What should I do?”

My balance wheel powers on, but only when I connect the charger…can it be the Logic Board or the battery?

My board is completely unresponsive now to anything all it dose is light up now and the left side which was the side I was having the issue with the flashing red light now it’s flashing just the led light on the left side is flashing consistently

Hover boards that range between $299-399, are usually built with low quality, and are not compliant with applicable safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger).

Quality hover board

Here is a look inside between high quality vs. low quality parts. A lower quality board has an orange/yellow/green sensor and logic board.

If you’ve purchased a hover board, and less than a month the board is no longer working with normal wear and tear, you may have some low quality parts. The most common issue is the balance sensor, wheel/motor, or battery.


If you’re shopping online for replacement parts, it’s important to buy only high quality parts for your board. has top quality parts, with a 90-day warranty. Some online vendors that sell motherboards, batteries, or wheels under $50 dollars may be low in quality, and not compliant with applicable safety standards.

Here are some tips when shopping online for a board and buying parts:

  • Look for battery description: UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger) are considered the safety standard.
  • The motor is located inside of the wheel. Ensure the battery is compatible with the voltage in the motor, otherwise, it may damage motor, and logic board.
  • Always ensure the board you purchase comes with a warranty.
  • When shopping for replacement parts, bright colored motherboard chips are always a sign of low quality parts.