We’re always happy to test and try out new things at Gadget Techs Digital Life. We recently received a new product Coin Card. Coin Card allows you to put all your credit and debit cards on one card.

Overstuffed Wallet
If you are someone who carries a lot of items in your wallet like Starbucks giftcards and everyday debit cards, you may want to consider Coin Card. You can now leave your cards at home, and carry everything on one card.

giftcardsFor example, if you only want to load all your gift cards onto one card, you can! I know at times I don’t know when I would go back to a particular store, and I may not need to carry every gift card with me at all time. With Coin Card, you won’t forget anymore.

With the Coin Card app, your can quickly register all your cards. All you have to do is download the app, use the card reader to load cards onto your coin card, and your all set!

When you go to the store, you can quickly select which card you would like to use by pressing through each of your cards. Swipe, enter pin, and go! Check out video on how it’s done.