Congrats! You now have your new board, and you’re ready to try new cool tricks and upload to Instagram or Snap Chat. Hold on real quick. There a few things you should know about taking care of your board.

We’ve put together a few tips to maintain your board. Casual wear and tear is normal, but you don’t want to damage the outside, especially the inside. If it’s too damaged, you might have to replace the entire board.


Don’t leave your board on the charger for more than 2 hours

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.05.57 PM

Your board should be fully charged by two hours, so you don’t want to keep it on the charger for too long. Keeping the board charged for longer than expected can lead to the board overheating. Some boards overheat because the parts, such as the battery or wheel/motor, are not compatible with the voltage charge from the charger. Check your manual for spec details about the voltage and charger.

Avoid Big Bumps

Balance Board on curb

Most likely, your board has a clearance level of 1 inch from the ground, so you don’t want to go over a huge rock or pot hole on the road. It may cause the parts inside to become loose or cracked.



Be careful when doing extreme tricks on your board, because you can damage the outer shell, parts inside, or break your board in half. The balance board frame is made of aluminum. Although it’s still strong enough to last with normal wear and tear, it can still be damaged with extreme force.